Embodying Commitment, PENTA Conduct Preliminary Research in Sumba

As a non-profit organization focusing primarily on community development programs with integrating all social aspects comprehensively to improve people’s well-being, PENTA  has worked with the William Lily Foundation (WLF) which also focuses on community development programs in marginal areas. On July 8-14, 2018, the PENTA team went directly to the field to conduct an initial assessment.

PENTA’s role is to provide strong recommendations
as a result of initial assessments across Sumba Island. To get a clearer
picture of the situation on the targeted area – the island of Sumba, PENTA Team
visits commodity farmers such as copra and cashew nuts, also held an interview
with big sellers who will distribute these commodities. These are to determine
effective interventions in the issues of Economic Development, Education,
Health, and Water Sanitation.

The purpose of this Penta team’s departure is to find out what programs are already taking place in Southwest Sumba to avoid overlapping programs and also to determine what programs are appropriate for the target area. This initial assessment includes identifying potential areas, recommended program interventions, setting target beneficiaries, and then building partnership strategies and good relationships with various stakeholders.

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