IBM Corporate Service Corps (CSC) Program -9, Jakarta

IBM-CSC 9 with Minister of Manpower, Hanif Dakhiri

IBM Corporate Service Corps (CSC) is a skill-based assignment for their employee to emerging and growth market all around the world. Since it’s launched, the CSC program has had positive impact on the lives of more the 140.000 people through skills transfer and capacity building. Therefore, helping governments and businesses around the world.

Since 2008, Pyxera Global has been one of the  NGO partners for IBM’s (CSC) to implement this program.   IBM CSC -9 was held  in Jakarta at  May 7 – June with     theme “ Workforce / Man Power” and worked  with Ministry of Man Power  (KEMNAKER)  as the main host client, and the others  organizations that related to  support KEMNAKER namely Badan National Sertifikasi Profesi (BNSP)/National Certification Profession Body and Smeru Research Institute.

PYXERA Global in collaboration with PENTA Foundation  facilitated 15  IBMers from countries namely US, UK, Italia, India, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, and Brazil to work with their host clients.  The experts with different skills and backgrounds divided to 5 teams to solve and provide recommendations to their host client.  3 teams assigned to KEMNAKER (Ministry of Man Power) with the Scope of works of systems integration, system security, and job placement analysis, one team placed at BNSP for e-licensing system recommendations, while another one at Smeru Research Institute for accelerating Project Management recommendations.

PENTA Foundation was fully in charge for all kind of engagement with Local Clients, starting from MoU signing in the beginning until providing Community Services to help IBMers participant deliver their skills. In 4 weeks of assignment, IBM participant spent 2 weekends for community services. First on the Car Free Day and Second was workshops held at Mercu Buana University.

The main goal for community service is for participant to deliver their skills and knowledge –giving direct impact to community. PENTA really aware of this and arranged workshops session with six different topics in Mercu Buana University which resulted in excellent feedback. Both the IBMers as trainers and the students as participant enjoyed the workshops.

Following the whole success of IBM CSC program is a proven collaboration result between Pyxera Global and PENTA foundation partnership as a start to stronger community development which hopefully will establish in a larger scope in the future.

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